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Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta  

The Coalitions were established during the Early Childhood Mapping (ECMap) Research Project which was a component of the Early Childhood Development Mapping Initiative, funded by Alberta Education, and operational from 2009-2014.  ECMap was led by the Community-University Partnership for the Study of Children, Youth and Families (CUP), which was based in the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta.(Early Childhood Coalitions Alberta (ECCA) 2022) 


In November 2015, the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) entered into a grant agreement with the Government of Alberta to provide provincial coordination and support, including grant management, for Early Childhood Coalitions.  Alberta Children’s Services has been the lead Ministry since 2018 (ECCA 2022)  


Expanding Our Reach 

For more than 10 years the Coalition has been supporting children, youth, and families in Strathcona County. Prior to funding changes in March of 2020, the group was known as the Strathcona County Early Childhood Coalition and the focus was on children 0-6 years. When funding changed coalition members had a conversation on how to align with the Strathcona County Family Resource Network and it was decided to continue as a Coalition that supports children and youth 0-18.  



Anyone can be a part of the Child and Youth Coalition!

Any member of Strathcona County, regardless of where they work, has insight about our community. Join the Coalition today!

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